Vixerimus | medical art studio

First project

At the moment we are working on our first project. For this project, we create sculptures from CT-scans. A CT-scanner uses X-rays to make cross-sections of a patient.  

We select a number of these cross-sections and filter the background from the patient. We reconstruct the patient by printing the cross-sections on plates of glass and positioning them behind each other with some space in between. 

We will start by making a buste from a CT of the head and neck. After that, we want to reconstruct a whole patient from a total body CT. Ultimately we will be making series of different patients and body parts.  

We are still looking for suitable imaging. Go to our “Participate” page to see how you can make your imaging available for our art! 

Vixerimus concept illustration
Example of the concept with images from the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project®.