Vixerimus | medical art studio

Our goal

Vixerimus is a medical art studio. Our goal is to narrow the gap between patient and doctor, to enhance the understanding of the patient. Thereby, we help doctors to explain what they do on a daily basis. We aim to give a creative insight into human nature by showcasing the current state of medical technology through art.

The team

Leonard R. Boelen

Founder and Creative Director

Amongst others I’m a medical doctor. I aspire to be a radiologist. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than viewing a person from within with all its unequivocal truths. There is always an untold story in medical imaging waiting to be told. The technique is complicated and ever-changing, keeping it challenging along the way. 

On the other hand, I’m also an admirer and firm believer in the arts. I see art as a translational practice in which an artist can convey their ideas and beliefs to the observer without having to tell the story with it, the art piece will do it for them. Not once, but every single time, to every willing passerby. This is what motivates me to create.

Victor C.D. de Valk

Creative Advisor

I particularly enjoy grappling with conceptual and intangible subjects, and how they relate to our everyday, lived reality.

For this reason, I care tremendously for the arts. It is therefore very exciting take part in this medical-artistic endeavour as a creative advisor, and to bring to life some of the ideas that we have about the field of medicine.

"For we shall have lived"

Vīxerimus: first-person plural future perfect active indicative of the latin verb vīvō meaning: “we will/shall have lived”. 

Latin has a lot of verb conjugations in which time can be indicated. The above form is one in which the event lies in the future, yet has already taken place. In other words, this is a conjugation one would us to express something that will have happened in the future. Derived from the verb to live, this results in a whole phrase packed into a single word: “we shall have lived”. 

Our art is made mostly using different imaging modalities, portraying our subjects as realistically as possible from within. All medical imaging tells a story of the subject’s present and past health, disease and degeneration. It is the undeniable story of the subject which lived, lives and, shall have lived.